Martin Minshall

Fall Before The Pride

Sun 12th Oct 2014
Fall Before The Pride | Martin Minshall

I'm out! Musically, that is.

After spending over two years working on 'Chameleon', it has now officially been released. The EP has been out for nearly two weeks, but on Friday it got a proper launch, when I performed for Dusty Pop Entertainment at Night & Day Cafe in Manchester, and what a night it was!

I'd been waiting and preparing for the gig for almost as long as I'd spent working on 'Chameleon'. In my head I'd been thinking about all of the little details, down to what I'd be wearing. So imagine my disappointment earlier this week when I fell over on the pavement and ended up with cuts on my arm, hand and legs - ruining my planned on-stage attire!

I'd decided that I'd keep things casual with a plain white t-shirt and jeans, but all of that had just gone up in the air.

Several friends had tried convincing me that it didn't matter and that I could still get away with it. In fact, I'd been told that it was rock 'n' roll on several occasions. My problem, though, is that I'm just not rock 'n' roll. I was worrying about how a cut on my arm might effect my entire set. That's definitely not rock 'n' roll!

In the end, I'd resigned myself to the fact that I would have to wear a jacket to hide any visible injuries, but two songs into my set I was very aware of what a big mistake that was.

As I was coming to the end of 'Of All the Madmen' I was getting increasingly hot and wondering how I was going to get to the end of the set. Would I need to take off my jacket and expose my arm, gaping wound and all? Surely I couldn't? No, I would carry on through it. I could do this!

Thankfully, I managed to soldier on and forget about how hot I actually was. The slower 'Hold On to Me' provided a bit of respite and the continued momentum of 'Please Don't Hide Away' and 'Hang On to the Stars' saw me through to the end.

In truth, though, I was helped along throughout my performance by the musicians that shared the stage.

For the first time ever I was joined by a backing band, and that was a real highlight of the gig. It meant that I could give a bigger sound and a stronger performance with the aid of three other musicians, but also that I could relax and enjoy the experience more than ever before, knowing that I wasn't solely responsible for how the set went and, to a certain degree, out of control of the situation.

The band, paired with the truly fantastic audience, made the gig my biggest and most enjoyable yet. I came off stage incredibly proud of the set I'd just performed. Next time, though, if I fall and cut my arm a few days before, I might just have to forget that I'm not rock 'n' roll and leave my jacket at home!